The forgery and fraud offenses are offenses perceived by the legislator and courts as severe offenses for which are imposed, many times, even prison sentences. There is good reason for the fact that the legislator has dedicated to such an entire chapter as part of the Penal Law. Such offenses are frequently referred to court, and so since the offense, by definition, includes many diversified criminal acts.


For example: Acts of falsification of documents, signatures or various certificates, will also amount to the offense of forgery. Additionally, an act of receiving any benefit, not only financial, while presenting false representation and fraud, may too be defined as the offense of obtaining by fraud.

Risks and punishment

As stated above, while these offenses are perceived by some of the public as relatively “light” offenses out of the erroneous assumption that so long as there are no bodily damages such are not severe offenses, the courts and the legislator take a completely opposite approach.

Suspects and defendants “enjoy” days, and sometimes months in real detention or under restricting terms, at the end of which the courts also sentences them to significant

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imprisonment sentences. The severity of the punishment and intensity of enforcement vary from case to case since the circumstances in committing the offense, the offender’s intent and the consideration received for the act of deceit are of crucial importance.

Why use the services of a law firm?

If you have been summoned for questioning or an indictment has been filed against you in respect of any of the fraud and forgery offenses, it is recommended and highly desirable to immediately be assisted by an attorney who is experienced in the domain of financial offenses. Assistance by an attorney will stand up for your rights and attempt to bring about easing and lightening the decree. You should know that these offenses entail far-reaching implications, and therefore already at the stage of suspicions it is recommended to immediately consult with attorney.

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