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    The firm provides services to customers in many countries around the world, including the United States, European countries, and South and Central American countries

    In recent years, the State Prosecutor’s Office has tended to file a large number of indictments in the fields of economic offenses and white-collar crimes, in order, inter alia, to showcase the efforts being made to eliminate corruption in the country.  Some cases that have started out with a great deal of noise have resulted in the case being closed or the eventual filing of very minor charges. However, even suspects and defendants who emerge completely clean after being charged with economic crimes sustain irreversible damage to their reputations and good names.

    A variety of crimes which are defined as economic crimes or white-collar crimes share a common denominator – the exploitation of status and power in order to receive benefits, usually financial benefits. Often, there is considerable publicity surrounding a case, and this brings great pressure to bear on the accused.  In these cases, it is essential that suspects be represented in a calculated, sophisticated and forward-looking manner. The firm of Sharon Nahari & Co. has many years experience in representing suspects and defendants charged with a variety of economic crimes.

    Among the firm’s clients are the mayors of local municipalities, public officials, senior executives of private companies, and, of course, individuals who are suspected of or indicted for these crimes.  We specialize in providing comprehensive legal advice in this field, accompanying our clients throughout the entire process – starting with the initial investigation stage.

    The Sharon Nahari & Co. law firm was established in 1998, and one of its main areas of specialization is economic crime.  Since 2011, Dun & Bradstreet has selected the firm as one of Israel’s leading criminal law firms year after year. In recent years, it has also been selected by BDI as one of the country’s leading firms for white-collar offenses.

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    The Sharon Nahari & Co. Law Firm is registered with the European Criminal Bar Association and handles international criminal cases worldwide.

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