Committing offenses in companies and securities is a criminal act, which may lead to opening an investigation at the Securities Authority and filing an indictment against the offender. A person who is convicted for such offenses will bear significant monetary fines and may even be sentenced for a very long time of imprisonment in practice.

The main offenses

Securities laws are comprised of several laws, including the Securities Law and its Regulations, the Prohibition on Money Laundering Law, the Joint Investment in Trust Law and others. These laws aim to enable orderly and fair trade in the capital market, while maintaining the transparency and credibility toward the public in Israel. This, since some of the securities traded on the stock exchange involve the pension funds and savings of citizens.


Among the criminal offenses concerning the Securities Law may be listed the offenses of misleading or failure to report, fraud, insider trading or trading in such, offenses concerning the  Consulting Law and offenses committed by an employee of the stock exchange. Furthermore, offenses concerning the Penal Law and the Prohibition on Money Laundering Law, both for example theft by authorized person or obtaining by fraud.

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Risks and punishment

Offenses in companies and securities are offenses categorized as crimes, for which the penalties are more severe – beginning with high monetary fines through long terms of imprisonment in practice.


In recent years there has been a tendency of increased penalties and an increase in the number of indictments filed, in light of the great severity attributed to these offenses as well as in light of the severe financial damage incurred by the public.

Why is it recommended to be assisted by the services provided by the Sharon Nahari & Associates Law Firm?

Any person summoned for questioning at the Securities Authority, is entitled to consult with an attorney prior to the investigation and during such, as it is recommended to do so urgently. In light of the severity of punishment in respect of such offenses it is recommended that you have at you side a leading criminal defense attorney experienced and knowledgeable in the field – the Sharon Nahari & Associates Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in the country within the financial crime domain and white-collar offenses, and will be able to assist you in cases of allegations or charges concerning offenses in companies and securities.

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