In recent years there has been an increase in the scope of corruption cases within the local government due to white collar offenses, such as offenses of bribery, obtaining by fraud, theft or forgery by a public servant as well as acts of deceit and breach of allegiance. These often lead to damage to the reputation of mayors of local authorities serving in office and officials in the public sector. In some cases at the end of a trial, the files against the officials are closed, after long hearings, and they may continue in their service to the public.

Characteristics of offenses

White collar offenses are actually criminal offenses that require extensive knowledge, sophistication and understanding of the environment. In the public sector, these offenses are committed by people in senior positions, such as mayors or heads of council, who have access to financial resources and decision makers. This enables them to exploit public resources for their own good, as the damage incurred due to committing white crime offense is mainly financial damage and the injury is to the whole community rather than to a specific person.

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Scope of punishment

The maximal punishments for white collar offenses are mostly lengthy imprisonment terms determined according to the nature and severity of the offense. The aim of the legislator is to defeat and denounce the phenomenon spreading through society. The scope of punishment due to a bribery offense, which is one of the most severe offenses among the deception and fraud offenses, ranges between imprisonment of one year to ten years’ imprisonment, depending on the type of offense. Also punishment for offense of obtaining by fraud varies depending on the circumstances of committing the offense.

The importance of legal counsel

If you serve in public office and have been arrested on suspicion of a white collar offense, or if you are facing a police investigation for committing a white collar offense related to your public office, it is highly recommended to seeking legal counsel. Sharon Nahari & Associates Law Firm’s toolbox includes vast experience in representing suspects and defendants from the public sector in all related to white collar offenses.

Examples from the field

The Sharon Nahari & Associates Criminal Defense Law Firm had represented the Head of Emanuel Council, Mr. Ezra Gershy, in the preliminary hearing held in his matter on suspicion of committing a bribery offense in the 2013 elections. An additional case is the representation of former Head of the Zichron Yaacov Council, Mr. Eli Abutbul, after the recommendation of the police to indict him on suspicion of alleged threats.

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