Criminal offenses are acts or omissions violating the Penal Law, 5737 – 1977. Every country has a criminal legislation system of its own, that applies within its territory, and at times a person may find himself in criminal proceedings after committing various offenses abroad.

What is a foreign offense?

A foreign offense is defined under the Penal Law as an offense that had been committed outside the Israeli sovereign territory (including coastal strips as well as the registered vessel and pilot). The penal laws in Israel will apply to certain types of foreign offenses, committed by a person who had been an Israeli citizen or resident at the time of committing the offense.

Currently, in light of technological development and in light of the changes in the global commercial and financial domains, actions committed by a person in one country may lead to an investigation or legal proceedings in another country, which may lead to a request for extradition and criminal trial at that foreign country. An example of so are white collar offenses, which include tax offenses and various taxation aspects, bribery, corruption, money laundering, insider trading and more.

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These are offenses that require also investigations outside of Israel, and at times such are investigated by international parties.

Many times due to an improper act committed knowing and deliberately or due to an act committed unknowingly and with no criminal intent, an individual or place of business nay encounter unexpected situations of investigations carried out by foreign authorities, legal orders and through conducting a criminal trial in a foreign country.

What should be done?

Handling these cases is complicated and complex since each country has its own legal system and various procedures. Therefore it is recommend that you contact the Sharon Nahari & Associates Law Firm – which engages in representation of detainees, defendants and suspects in international criminal offenses and provides tight representation during all stages of criminal proceedings in white collar offenses and financial crime. The Sharon Nahari & Associates Law Firm provides immediate legal counsel beginning at the early stages of the investigation, through representation at various courts, as well as comprehensive management of the case.

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