Police investigations are known to be a stressful and unpleasant experience for the detainee, as such may have significant implications on the continuance of carrying out the criminal proceedings and the admissibility of the evidence collected against the detainee.


The investigation is the first and most important stage in any criminal proceedings, as part of which the investigating party examines whether indeed the offense had been committed and the identity of the committing party. In financial offenses for example, private individuals or business entities suspected of violating the financial laws in the country are investigated. For the most part, during the preliminary stage of a financial investigation an undercover investigation is carried out, during which all of the evidence is collected. The investigation becomes open as soon as the law enforcement agencies arrive at investigating those involved in the offense.


Although a financial investigation begins in detention, all people are entitled at this stage to representation by a criminal defense attorney experienced in the field, and this should not be waived. As a rule, professional preparation prior to investigation at the police and guidance of a criminal defense attorney throughout such, may decide between release from detention and closure of the criminal file and serving an indictment. Remember that what you say during an investigation may serve as a basis for filing a future indictment.

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The role of the criminal defense attorney

As part of his duties, the attorney is required to inform the detainee of his legal rights and ensure that the police does not compromise such, warn him of the possible maneuvers during the investigation, prevent saying things that may hurt him as the investigation and trial proceed, understand what is the evidence against him and guide him as to the best course of action depending on the circumstances. Obtaining professional representation many times may assist in resolving the situation without filing an indictment.

Important advice

If you have been summoned for questioning at the police, the first thing you ought to do is contact a criminal defense attorney in order to obtain urgent legal advice in the event of being summoned for questioning at the police, in all types of offenses including financial offenses. The attorneys at the Sharon Nahari & Associates Law Firm accompany suspects and defendants throughout the legal proceedings, help them get over the sense of pressure, provide consistent and reasoned testimony throughout the investigation at the police and obtain the best results.

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