The domain of computer offenses including cyber offenses, engages in locating and enforcing offenses committed via the internet.


As is well known, the technological era in which we live and the information revolution that resulted from such, have created a situation where almost any daily action is carried out through a computer or smart phone, which in fact exposes all computer, internet or a smart-phone users to involvement in an offense, whether such being a victim of an offense or a partner or committing an offense.


In light of this, and following the public interest in maintaining and protecting the computer and the information stored on it, the law enforcement authorities in Israel began paying maximal attention to cyber offenses.


This among others, by training and establishing dedicated units for handling the issue, allocation of advanced technological resources as well as by synchronizing or in police language – “combining forces” various and diversified units such as the tax authorities, the  Israel Money Laundering Prohibition Authority, and more.


Thus, there are two main types of criminal activities committed through the computer on the internet:

  1. Criminal offenses committed against a computer. Meaning its contents and operation.
  2. Criminal offenses committed through a computer toward other parties.

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Risks and punishment

The domain of cyber and computer offenses is a complex domain and accordingly so is the investigation process. Typically, prior to summoning a suspect to the police station, the enforcement authorities have already began collecting information in respect of committing the offense, and it is very possible that there is an undercover investigation going on for quite some time. In such cases, upon the suspect’s arrival at the police station, he is expected to cope with severe suspicions, being demanded to provide explanations for all of the material that had been collected and thrown in his face.


There is crucial meaning to the suspect’s sayings as each unnecessary saying that does not contradict the evidence could be used against him and to establish an indictment and prosecution. There is a wide range of offenses derived from committing criminal activity through a computer, and therefore it is possible that one action will establish a number of offenses, and thus eventually risking multiple penalties, including prison sentences.


Therefore, as early as at the stage of suspicions and summoning for questioning, it is recommended and even desirable to consult with an attorney who specializes in the cyber offenses domain, in order for him to stand up for your rights and properly prepare you for the criminal investigation procedure.

Why use the services of a law firm?

The cyber offenses domain is a developing and varying domain, particularly in light of the technological changes we witness all the time. Due to the complexity of the domain and proof or failure to prove, it is important to note that legal coping with online crime matters, requires assistance from the outset, and it is recommended that such be by a criminal defense attorney specializing in this field, who is familiar with recent developments and case law.


Coping with suspicions or charges in the cyber domain may be intricate and complex, and therefore it is recommended not to take such lightly, and be assisted by a law firm that is experienced in the field, and is familiar with it including all of its nuances and unique nature.

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