The field of extradition law has become extremely vital in many criminal cases.  This is due to the current era of cooperation between countries around the world in the fields of economy, trade, technology and security.  Legal cooperation between countries is designed to ensure that an individual who has committed a criminal offense outside their country will not be able to escape punishment.  The laws of extradition are based on the principle of universality, and are secured in man

The Extradition Law, 1954

The provisions of the Extradition Law and the general rules of arrest, as prescribed in the Criminal Procedure Law, apply to the arrest of an individual during the course of extradition proceedings.


The Extradition Law establishes a number of cumulative conditions for declaring an individual extraditable. First, there must be an extradition treaty between the State of Israel and the country requesting the individual’s extradition.

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Second, the wanted individual must have been indicted or found guilty in the requesting country of an extraditable crime, which is any crime that, if committed in Israel, would result in imprisonment for one year or longer.  In other words, the requirement is that the act committed constitutes a criminal offense in both the country requesting extradition and the country from which extradition is requested. Third, there must be extradition reciprocity between Israel and the requesting country.

The Role of the Criminal Defense Lawyer

Extradition proceedings are complicated and complex, and beyond providing formal representation prior to the extradition itself, the lawyer is required to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and expertise of the specific legal material.  The importance of obtaining professional legal representation becomes apparent during extradition proceedings because of the enormous consequences that hang in the balance. It is also important to ensure that an Israeli lawyer handles the wanted individual’s case vis-à-vis the relevant foreign entities seeking extradition, as well as arranging for proper representation following extradition.

It is for these reasons that we recommend you contact the law firm of Sharon Nahari & Co., which for years has specialized in providing legal consulting and representation to individuals sought for extradition, from the initial extradition request to the extradition process itself, if the extradition request is accepted.

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